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ABOUT Bitsignal

What is Bitsignal?

The Bitsignal app had been developed to boost the trading success of traders of all skill levels. It does this by deploying advanced algorithms that scan the crypto markets in real-time and provide crucial trade insights based on a robust set of technical indicators. The AI will also factor in the historical price movements of the digital asset you are trading to augment its analysis of current market trends.
We have worked hard to ensure that using the Bitsignal app is as easy as possible and have an implemented easy-to-navigate user interface to make trading accessible to all of our users. The app’s sophisticated assistance and autonomy levels are fully customizable so that traders of all levels can get the most out of our powerful software with ease.

Bitsignal - What is Bitsignal?

The Bitsignal app is an advanced trading tool bringing its community of users precisely the kind of software solution they have been seeking. By using the latest available technology to generate real-time market analysis, it helps prospective crypto traders overcome barriers to entry into the digital currency markets. So, whatever your previous trading experience, we are sure your trading accuracy and overall success will be supercharged when you start using the state-of-the-art software solutions the Bitsignal app provides.

The Bitsignal Team

Our vision when we started developing the Bitsignal app was to provide experienced traders and complete beginners with a tool that can both boost their trading decisions and also provide a route to entering the lucrative crypto world.
Around this vision, we built up a team of experts in all of the fields relevant to crypto trading. Our team included software engineers, AI specialists, blockchain technicians, and market consultants. We leveraged all of their unique skillsets and experience to design a high-tech tool that will suit anyone with an interest in crypto trading.
We are now very proud of what we have achieved and can’t wait to share our trading software with a growing community of users. But we are determined not to stop there. We have continued to work on the Bitsignal app by regularly updating it and constantly adapting it to the ever-changing markets. This is something we are happy to continue doing to make sure our app always performs at peak capability and provides our users with the latest market data and trade insights possible.

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